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For patients who want to get serious about weight loss, a weight-loss coach may be the answer. The team at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Fairfax, VA provides personalized counseling that allows patients to hit their weight-loss goals.

Weight Loss Coach Q & A

What Does a Weight-Loss Coach Do?  

A weight-loss coach is a person who provides professional diet coaching. In the case of Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Fairfax, the weight-loss coaching is done by a team of professionals who are led by a medical doctor. Once the doctor and the patient work together to determine which diet plan is right for their weight-loss journey, the counseling can begin. The staff act as cheerleaders during weight loss and they offer specific actionable advice if the weight loss stalls. Any questions or concerns that a person has while enrolled in a medical weight-loss program can be expertly addressed by their weight-loss counselor.

How Long is a Weight-Loss Coach Needed?

Patients who are enrolled in a medical weight-loss program at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Fairfax are often very pleased to find out that the weight-loss coaching will last for the duration of the program. Even when a patient achieves their weight-loss objectives, the weight-loss counselor will be there to support and guide them through the maintenance program.

Is There an Additional Cost for Weight-Loss Coaching?

No, weight-loss coaching is part of the diet program at Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Fairfax, so it doesn't cost extra. The physician and team firmly believe that for patients to have success in reaching their weight-loss goals and maintaining their results, they need support. By being there each step of the way, from the first BMI test to the day that the patient reaches their goal weight, the weight-loss coaching team has learned that people achieve success best when they are accountable. Having a weight-loss coach means that a person has to be accountable to someone besides themselves. This accountability, when combined with experienced support, can make all the difference for people who are trying to finally drop the extra weight for good.

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*Each patient's experience is unique based on medical conditions and body composition, as each patient's body is different. The amount of weight loss may vary based on these and other variables such as program adherence and metabolic factors.

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