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For people who want to achieve rapid weight loss, prescription diets can be extremely helpful. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Fairfax, VA offers medical weight-loss programs, for qualified patients.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

What Types of Prescription Diets Are Available?  

Patients who are medically qualified can use prescription diets as an aid in their weight-loss journey. These can reduce the appetite, minimize the negative food cravings, and can prevent the compulsion to overeat. Many patients are successful because they are finally able to adhere to a controlled calorie diet without feeling hunger pangs constantly. This prescription is an excellent choice for people who have weight to lose, as long as they enjoy overall optimal health and the doctor deems them a good candidate.

Is It Safe to Use?

We offer an appetite suppressant  that is approved by the FDA for qualified individuals. When used as directed in appropriate candidates, this appetite suppressant can be both a smart and a safe choice for people who are trying to lose extra weight. The FDA first approved prescription diets in 1959, and many people have used and continue to use these medications for rapid but safe weight loss.

What Types of Supplement Diet Supplements Are Available?

Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in Fairfax has a special line of vitamins and minerals that are helpful for medical weight-loss patients. All patients are provided with multivitamins and essential minerals with calcium. These supplements are designed to be taken on a daily basis, and they can be very effective at keeping the body healthy and keeping the appetite in check. In most cases, patients who are already taking appetite suppressiants are able to take natural supplements safely as well. There are also a number of other supplements that help suppress appetite naturally, making them a natural for inclusion in pre-packaged and prepared diet foods. Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers a wide range of foods containing natural appetite suppressants to help patients fight urges and achieve weight loss

*Each patient's experience is unique based on medical conditions and body composition, as each patient's body is different. The amount of weight loss may vary based on these and other variables such as program adherence and metabolic factors.

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