Fortunately,weight loss doctors in Fairfax, VA, can give you the strategies you need to successfully overcome this obstacle. It’s commonly thought that food cravings are an indication that your body needs a specific nutrient. But the science expert in this featured video debunks this theory, noting that nutritional deficiencies only rarely drive food cravings.

Instead, food cravings are most likely interfering with your diet plans because your brain remembers that certain foods boost the “feel good” neurotransmitters and consequently improve your mood. This is why food cravings are more likely to strike when a person is feeling anxious or stressed. Weight loss doctors can help you deal with food cravings without giving in to them, such as by finding a distracting activity to do until the cravings pass. Cravings are diminished when your body sustains a true fat burn, and also that we use products containing appetite suppressants as tools that overcome cravings, particularly at the beginning of a weight loss program.


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